Johnny Elf


In a small God-fearing town in Georgia, a young librarian is found dead close to a carnival. All eyes fall on Thomas, a freak show oddity, found covered in her blood, with a note implicating him clenched in her hand.

The locals demand swift justice, leaving his best friend and fellow oddity entertainer, Jack, racing against the clock, desperate to prove his friend’s innocence. All Jack wants is to free Thomas, quit the show, and lead lives not defined by their abnormalities.

But the further he digs, the closer he comes to the shocking truth: no one is innocent in Haven, and
some are willing to kill to keep their secrets buried.

This book is an amazing thriller! I just fished reading it and I can’t get it out of my head. It has suspense, tension, is well written and I would recommend it to thriller and suspense lovers!

                                                                     Amazon Reviewer

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